Smart Nox Sensor

A High Failure Diesel Automotive Part Required for Emissions Regulations. Introduction Nox sensor, full name is Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, used to detect the level of nitrogen oxide being emitted by diesel vehicles, to ensure compliance with emissions regulations. Most engines feature two Nox sensors: an upstream and downstream sensor.  As strict Nox regulation, precise Nox […]

Why Need Nox Sensor

The term Nox represents several forms of nitrogen oxides such as NO (nitric oxide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), and N2O (nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas). In a gasoline engine, NO is the most common form of NOx at around 93%, while NO2 is around 5% and the rest is N2O. There are other forms of NOx such as N2O4 (the dimer of NO2), which only exists […]

Nox Sensor Function

Automotive NOx sensors are primarily of the amperometric type, with two or three electrochemical cells in adjacent chambers. The first cell electrochemically pumps O 2 out of the sample so it does not interfere with the NOx measurement in the second cell. Commercial sensors, available from several suppliers, are used for the control of NOx […]

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